While at a family party for the Super Bowl, I texted him asking him what happened and he told me he was "afraid of things." Then he asked me if he does come, will everyone look at him weird. So that is in line with what you were saying.

He always goes to the bathroom at the end of an event when everyone is saying goodbye. I never thought anything of it before.

What is interesting is that he was doing awesome for about 2 and a half weeks. He had been seeing his therapist and would tell me about everything they discussed, how she helped him so much etc. He goes once per week, and by the time the week is coming to an end, his mood is worse. Then he goes to the therapist and he seems better again. This past week he missed his appointment because I couldn't get home from work in time to watch our son. Maybe when he goes this week it will get him back on stable ground.

Thanks for your input. As a spouse, just understanding why these things happen is so helpful to me so that I can gear my attitude and help toward him appropriately. I'm more apt to not be so angry if I can understand.