Hi Rachel
I am glad you posted this situation with your H.I did and sometimes still do this.I used to do it all the time. It did not matter were we were going. church,school meetings it didn't matter.Any social meeting or function we were late because of me.
To answer you question.No it was never my intention to be late for any of those functions.What would happen as the time came to leave I would get extremely nervous and fear would grip my stomach. I still do not no why so I am sorry but I can't give you a clinical explanation for this kind of avoidance behavior.
But let me just say that the fear and nervousness was very real for me. I usually couldn't speak while we were driving to some function and I was already planing my escape route or plan if I needed to run. The fear is lagitamite.It is not some kind of game just to frustrate you. Hope this helps.I have recieved some cognative behavior councelling that has helped quite a bit.It has also helped me with panic attacks in crowds.
Hang on and try to not let it offend you personally which I know can be difficult.