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i'm afraid of heights, too. never associated it with CSA. i just thought that it was a healthy instinct for self-preservation.

Self-preservation? Something I donít typically display under any circumstances, I typically react and do what has to happen with zero regard, heights are the only thing that gets me like that.

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i have a fear of authority figures that is well-grounded in reality - and connected to CSA.

my greatest fears have always been of people and relational stuff - mockery, contempt, rejection, etc. TOTALLY caused by CSA!

i think most of my fears are aggravated, augmented and magnified by the CSA but not all are caused by it.


Same here, just Iíve always lived with a death wish and until recently never understood why, just like I said scared as hell of heights, like right now Iím staying in a hotel on the 17th floor, no biggie but as soon as you get off the elevator, bam right there, 17 stories up 48Ē of walkway, straight down, when I checked in last Sunday it just freaked me out, bad! Itís kinda weird too some bridges donít bother me, others scare the shit out of me, some bridges donít matter, too much traffic, canít figure it out?

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