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We have to say something positive about ourselves every day? That's a tough one. : )

Yes Cant wink
not just to say but to think and spot something good in us. Something that we are not usually aware but there it is.
So is there something that you are willing to share with us that is good about You wink ?

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I am a big skeptic of self-actualized positive affirmation. Things are what they are, and happy thoughts don't tend to change them (see: Republicans who thought Mitt Romney was going to win in a landslide; I was surrounded by them).

I can follow you in being skeptic and yes things are like they are. But my "affirmative" question for training a gray matter would be: What can you do today (not tomorrow or in some distant future) to change some of those things in way that you'll be more satisfied as person deep inside? Something no matter how small just that is achievable and that would suite all of you including Izzy, Big Cant and Little Cant wink ?

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that's great, Pero!
i sometimes think we have to be the kind and loving and protective and supportive parent to ourselves that we didn't have - and desperately missed - as a child. you are being a GOOD parent now to yourSELF!

Many times I'm not aware how hard I'm on myself reflecting my background environment and it's moral values. As I've been raised in very strict and conservative ambience many time I'm very restrictive and unconsciously to myself. I would never treat under same terms someone who was abused, confused and full of shame. Instead of judging me, forcing flowing in shame and imposing restrictions in exploring life it would be better that I was full of love and care, supporting my self in going out of comfort zone and trying to move forwards, after all everything will be alright!
But it is never too late to do that wink
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This is something I struggle with, since I universally have a negative attitude to anything concerning myself. If someone says "this is great, your going to do this good thing" I'll start considdering problems.

Yes Luke, I'm more than sure that many of us have similar struggles.
Abuse was destructive force that shaped us in way not to be confident and self aware in positive sense but rather in some negative. That is really hurtful and like prolonged arm of our terrible experiences that keeps up from point to use our full potentials.

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What however I find myself is best is to simply not considder the future to be good or bad but to try and enjoy whatever is in the present as much as possible. For example I was at a rehearsal tonight for the production we're doing. While I never said this, my mind is now only thinking on the various problems with the show, and in particular the bits I do not know in terms of staging, acting etc. yet, if I forget this and concentrate on the fun I had rehearsing, prancing around the stage like a total idiot (after all I'm playing a very idiotic lord, albeit one who gets to sing beautifully), I find that I am not concerned about the future half as badly.

You got terrible good point here. Living in the moment enjoying every possible opportunity that has been offered is way as I see that leads us to more freedom!

Hugs for all of you!

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