In another forum I saw a thread: Would you date an abuse victim? and some of the replies were like "No, way too complicated due to sexual dysfunction"... seriously? I can't believe there are assholes this size.

Anyway, while I'm sure I wouldn't want to date them either, this got me somenow and made me ask myself: Can I reallistically expect someone to love me despite the fact that I'm an abuse victim? This is an accidental thing and there's so much more to me than this. On top of that, my sexual experience is quite limited and I'm 25 -I have decided not to engage in casual sex because it'd leave me feeling shallow, depleted and used.

I feel like the moment I share this, I will disappoint the other person, and I will feel patronized or that they pity me.

It's difficult for me to distinguish between true kindness and patronizing confused

Any thoughts?
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