I donít think that having empathy has anything directly related to recovery from csa, some people, a lot of people never have it, just look around you, what was it Marie Antoinette said ďlet them eat cakeĒ. No one, no human can be so unfeeling to seeing others starving to death and say something that is so offensive. Some years ago I started having nightmares again, brutal stuff, death, killing, just horrific stuff, it made me realize what a jerk I was and that I needed to change, how could I just stand by and let others suffer, I donít mean strangers but people I knew, I slowly became a different person. Iíll give a $10 to the homeless panhandler, Iíll leave $20 for the hotel maid, itís just the little things, the personal things, itís doing what little you can to make others journey in this world not so cold, not saying Iím Mother Teresa or anything just I do what I can to help others out, you can see it when you look in their eyes. Itís not the coldness of giving to some charity or something but making a little difference in someoneís life like the guy at the rest area who needs gas money or whatever, it doesnít matter if heís going to buy crack with it or whatever, its whatís in your heart that counts. It helps to deal with the pain and atrocities I see and hear every day; itís why I never watch tv anymore or anything like that. It is so overwhelming to realize how much pain is out there everywhere every day, and thatís just the natural stuff, how many people are hurt and killed every day, let alone raped, you canít dwell on it youíll be unable to function and itís not healthy. You can only affect what little you can directly everything else is out of your control. Yes the stories here are tragic every one of them, absolutely horrific, every one of us knows how evil we can be towards each other, it is too much sometimes, itís ok to take a break, youíre only human.

I think empathy just means your human, really human, no I donít know what comes next, Iím still dealing with the abuse, but please let us know what it is when you get there.

"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine