@lee, survivers day would be great, as to cards, I would suggest ones that are mirrors at the front with "good job on still being here" written undernieth laugh.

@pero agreed on capitalist rubbish. I however hate valentines particularly, indeed I only remember having one good valentines day in my life and that was in 2009 when I performed in the Mikado on that day (ironically also the only time a girl has at least kissed me, ---- or at least my character on the cheak). If someone (especially a female someone), complained about being alone on valentines I'd probably not give a very polite response, indeed I'm dreading having to listen through my friends make their valentines day plans.

The other worst thing about valentines is that it's inescapable! It's not just tv, it's radio, cards, posters, even restaurants, and even the plans of friends!

I no longer own a tv license (actually because the only thing I was watching on tv was Doctor who, and it was cheaper to buy that on dvd), so I don't see adverts, and even if I'm at my parents they have a sky plus box which can reccord programs and forward past the adverts. When adds are triggering (which with my genophobia happens quite oftne), I generally have to go into blank mode again, which is also why I'm not checking your above link, particularly since abuse by a man by a woman is a little too close to home.