I look at sexuality it is what it is, same as peoples dominant hand ie: right handed, left handed, ambidextrous (both handed equally), ambidextrous predominantly right handed, ambidextrous predominantly left handed. Myself am right handed yet there are a limited things I do left handed but not enough to call myself ambidextrous.
So I say why does it have to be such a big thing to identify as one brand of handiness or sexuality.

I am gay but growing up in the 50ís the pressure was to get married so I dated girls and I eventually married intending to be faithful, that is to not have sex outside the marriage with men or woman. She had a relationship with a student and we were going to separate the affair ended. We stayed together another 12 years till I became aware that she was becoming involved with another student so I left.
Since then I identify as gay. All my training to act straight has impacted on my persona and unless I tell people I am gay they assume I am hetro but being gay is only a minor part of who I am.