Thankyou for sharing your story.

It was very painful for me to read at first. I had to read it in a few is too similar to my own story (ages, blended family etc). Just add another 5 year old brother (me) and parents who did nothing when the oldest brother was caught in the act and then both brothers abusing the youngest.

I try hard not to judge my parents too harshly for their inaction and the subsequent long term effects on all three of us boys - it was a different time 30 years ago. But when I hear of parents like yourself it becomes obvious how they let me (us) down.

You have broken the cycle and hopefully saved them both from a life of tourment. While I am saddened that you have to deal with this situation, I am glad your boys have you to love and support them. I think you are awesome!!! It is not an easy issue to tackle head on and your situation even more so than most. You have shown yourself to be truly courageous. Add to that the fact that you have not let your own SA issues prevent you from supporting your oldest. You are obviously a VERY compassionate person - I wish there was more support for you.

I found your story so encouraging because it shows that the times they are a changing.

More than meets the eye!