For some time I've been thinking on making topic about trying to be more affirmative, less negative and more constructive.
When I came here for the first time I spotted one article for those who are starting healing journey, basically it said that we need to try having daily affirmations in way to change some usual negative thoughts into something positive.
That article is here:
It says in short:
Give yourself a big applause daily
Find somebody to talk to who's safe
Attend support groups
Know you're not alone.
Be willing to have feelings in order to heal.
Ask for help, and then ask for all the help you need to support you.
Practice daily affirmations.

Couple months ago I was trying heavily to have daily affirmations, I wrote couple of inspiring and for me important quotes, like:

Well after some time somehow I lost my determination and somewhere in between I lost it somehow.
Well now is the time to try one more time.
So I'm trying to do do something positive toward myself and to light some inner light.

For start I'm trying to have at least every day in the morning one affirmative thought.
I'm trying to wrote something like journal and to be aware of my feelings and emotions, especially when I'm down and in some bad spot.
I recently bought Teddy bear (my first, lol) and I'm not alone in m bed and it feels so good to hug it in the early morning, lol

And for end I have one question: what positive thing did you do today for yourself, is there something?

Let's fight our negative self image by some positive thoughts.
Let's make some dreams to become true!

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