I have symptoms of ADHD and dyslexia. I believe that they were caused by early abuse. I have never been medicated for these conditions. I'm self-diagnosed. I have had 2 bouts with vision therapy as an adult. I think it helped but it wasn't enough.

These conditions seem to be linked to visual problems I have. Strabismus is the condition of the eye muscles where the 2 eyes don't track correctly.


I'm reading a book which talks about ADHD resulting from what goes on in the nervous system of a small child during and after trauma (child sexual abuse). The book is mostly for clinicians so don't run out and buy it:

Psychological Trauma and the Developing Brain, by Phyllis Stien and Joshua Kendall.


Symptoms resulting from abuse are apparently quite similar to ADHD and often the diagnosis is confused (my word). Traumatic abuse in a small child results in confusion of the neurological traces in the brain.


P.S. My dyslexia is getting much better as I read more. However, the ADHD might be getting worse. I have trouble reading music. When I have to count a long rest, I tend to lose track of where I am, and I skip lines (music). It may be that my visual convergence seems to be getting better, but as it does so, the ADHD seems to get worse.

PSS I also have DID. I will respond in a different thread.

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