Participants Wanted for Resiliency Study

Hello there, I am a doctoral student, doing research to fulfull my PhD (Social work), and I am looking for participants.

ARE YOU: someone who has experienced childhood sexual abuse (any contact, for sexual purposes, by an adult or adolescent when you were under the age of 12)?

DO YOU: define yourself as resilient? (See yourself as strong/thriving)

WOULD YOU: be interested in talking about your experiences? (During a 1-2 hours confidential interview)

As this study investigates the factors that foster resiliency in those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, I hope to design a strengths-based counselling program that will help those who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Individuals interested in participating in this study, please e-mail me, Monica Hinton (, and I will return your message.

The above research study has been approved for distribution to users by the MaleSurvivor Research Committee. Participation in any of these approved, posted studies is completely voluntary and any participant can withdraw from a study at any time. If you have questions about the IRB approval process, concerns about this study, or questions or why a study has been approved for the MaleSurvivor site, please contact or

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