Sort of sounds hokey but COMING OUT , IS good for your mental health.

Some newcomers have asked if it gets better or if there is such a thing as RECOVERY. I always say its a process, not an event, but the more you do , the better it gets. Given we never got the tools for human relationships like others, we will always be a little unique - but hell it doesnt mean we wont live great lives.

The study basically says that there is reduced anxiety , stress hormones, sleeplessness and inner turmoir by coming out. When the real you is accepted by those you love , that feeling as an adult wipes out so much of the shame we sometimes carry from the start. Its like restoring something that has been lost when no one told the little kid it was "going to be ok". Not coming out denies those you love the opportunity to really know and love the real you. What a gift you give them and in return that feeling of acceptance as a person is something i waited 50 years for.

But what if they dont accept you. Well like Dr Suis said, to those that count - it wont matter, to those that it matters to - they dont count. Its tough at first but the power is in your court now. There is nothing they can do to hurt you any longer.

There is so much more to recovery, but just accepting yourself is sure a good first step. Ok leap.

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011