Hay Jacob, Well said.

I think csa survivors and any victim for that matter struggle with this one. How can a loving God stand by and do nothing? And even more disturbing for me is the question of miracles. I believe God can and dose intervene in our life. So if he can, why didn't he? I think about the children today who are being abused.... I just can't handle the though of it and I feel to powerless to do anything about it. The best I have been able to do is give some money towards children most at risk. I hope and pray it makes a difrence for someone. Even if it does, I imagine these children will still have plenty of wrong done to them. I truly hate this part of creation gone wrong. The best I can conclude is there must be a deep spiritual law in place that keeps God from stoping it. CS Lewis in the book "The problem with pain" and also in his Narnia series, talkes of this concept. The idea is that in the fall of Creation, a set of spiritual laws were hijacked by sin. The ordinal laws are still in effect but are now also harnessed and used by sin as well. The law of sowing and reaping was ment originally as a good thing, but when harnese with evil bad expands. Free will was ment as an amazing gift to chose how to create life and experience it. But now with evil in the world "free will" can be used to bring great destruction and death. For God to stop evil he must stop the world.

For God so loves the world (us) he gave his one and only Son.

So Jesus then is the door. The way out.

The key to everything I think, is learning how to ask the right questions.

I remember a time when my prayers looked something like. Help me be able to see or believe. I think we some times have a spiritual muscel that tas been unused or tied up by the mind that we need to learn to use it, set it free. Takes time and effort to get it all working. I have a long way to go myself. But if you knock on the Door things will come to light.