Here 'tis...Today was Lab Rat Day! Fasting and water overnight, three cups of urine (only needed two and actually did FOUR...I'm such a race horse)

PLUS 6-8 blood vials (wasn't in the mood to count while my arm was being drained - I even watched for a while before the room started to spin - but my RN was cheerfully quoting lyrics from "The Fantasticks"...he's too much and, listening to this thing I know why I've always had an aversion to Broadway anything).

Details: Two bottles of pills (one real, one placebo), conveniently in two colors in case I spill 'em all over the floor. For now, taken in the morning with a Pop Tart or something (haven't done those in years), two hours before or after any other meds. May do additional Calcium/Vitamin D supplement as this may affect bone density.

Two more draws in the next month. Will be very interested to see how bad the fasting numbers were. The last numbers were highly entertaining! And have an official-looking card ("I'm a lab rat for a major pharmaceutical company. Handle with care"...jk) to carry in my wallet in case the Waste Management truck runs me over.

Yeah, it's been a lot the past couple months. Celebrated on the way home with a BK Whopper (w/cheese!). Haven't done THAT in years either. Then I was home and crashed for four hours...hey, I'd already slept well eight hours last nite. I think that was a good indication of the anxiety I'd had about whether I'd even get into the study. Just relieved to be on my way and feel like I might actualy do ok with all this. Haven't even thrown up yet ;-)

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