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The question is - are these compulsive, constant, at inappropriate times or before inappropriate audiences? Is it more of a verbal nervous tic? Have you expressed that it makes you uncomfortable and does he show signs of caring?

Thank you so much for responding, SoccerStar.

They arent compulsive or constant at all. I go out of my way not to make jokes about it because I don't ever want to make light of SA, so I think the times he does it really stick out for me.

If the situation presents itself (and only then), he will make a joke about SA. He does not twist a situation around for the opportunity to make a joke.

As far as inappropriate times/audiences go, he will do it in front of me or in front of very close friends-- never in mixed company. We have two very small children and he's made a joke in front of them about it before, but the context was not one they would be able to grasp.

I reiterated last night after the fact that those jokes made me sad. I explained that I didn't want him to censor himself but it hurt to think about those types of things. He said 'Ok' very kindly and that was that.