I want you to stop
    trying to remember
the bad that happened
            when we were little

      We both know it happened
   We both know it hurt
    I hurt from it then
        you hurt from it now
I just remember more than you do

But I want you to stop trying to remember
     only all the bad things
          and instead
               walk through other memories with me

there were rainbows, and fields full of flowers
   hills to roll down
               or slide down when it snowed
milk weed
     with the gigantasaurus blossoms
                that would explode
      with a puff of air
                sending all its little angels with umbrellas
           and I would sit and watch
                 and watch
              and tell myself another story

I don’t know if you remember the stories
     I don’t remember the stories
          just that they always took me
                 somewhere safe

remember the sunshine
             laying in the grass
         watching the clouds go by
    dreaming of flying with eagles
              or swimming with whales

remember the shale mountain
      with the zillions of white snail shells
             to put on a string like a necklace

remember climbing to the castle
      where you could see heaven

I also want you to take some time
     and remember mommy and daddy
          because I miss them very very much
     and they weren’t always mean and angry all the time
               ‘til after the bad thing

remember the things that made us smile
      and maybe you can smile again
  and not hurt so much anymore

and maybe we’ll be a little stronger
      before the monsters return
             next time
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Last attended: 2011
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