I've been pounding podiums and writing news items, films etc for years in attempt to change things...reduce, de-mystify, de-myth, and most of all - PROTECT children from CSA. I publicly condemn and shame pedos throughout the nation. I have a front yard and wall full of broken bottles to prove it. But if I cannot affect change in my own town, what am I? What are they?

My petition-ballots are now out in public. They only need signatures. I included stamped, addressed envelopes. Just sign and send.

The initiative is to ban registered sex offenders from child-intense properties and events in this town. This, in a town that regulates dogs and gun-owners into three-point wrestling-holds. They town leaders have previously refused to even consider adopting such an ordinance as one very very bad career pedo was a very close friend to most of this town.

Their accommodation and cover-up for him cost at least one more little girl her soul. When they attempted to cover-up their fk-up, I let them have it with everything I had. Print, radio, web, TV, CCTV...everything i had. I called them out after they shamelessly covered-up horrid enabling on their part.

Its truly spooky how they behave. It makes me wonder.

So the ballots are out. They will only determine if Child Safety Zones will just come up for a vote at the next annual town meeting.

I spent the weekend and all day yesterday and even this morning trying to encourage support from people, face-to-face.

This is my last attempt with "people..." with "humanity." if they don't make this happen for their own children, there is no hope left for this society.

Any guesses as to how many come back by Feb 15th? 100 are out there. I only need 25 to get it up for public vote.