My husband is leaving me and our baby. He says to get space and work on himself and hopefully get back together when he has his stuff more together. I understand that he is running and avoiding. But I didn't think our separation meant other women and I can't handle the lies. He's not really actively in therapy, but I hope he will get serious help soon.
Sometimes I believe him and realize this isn't about us, and other times I'm just so angry at the correspondence with other women I found in his emails and all of the lies. So many lies.
Do the lies go away with recovery? Could I even fathom trusting him again?
I've started going to al anon and reading Codependency No More and I'm desperately trying to focus on myself and my 1 year old and not my husband's spiraling and drinking and who knows what.
I had hope, hence my user name here. But that was when I didn't know or was in denial about the other women.
Have others come through the other side and eventually rebuilt trust and their marriage?
I'm trying to detach from his crazy behavior and how hurtful it is, but I really wonder if I should divorce. I don't want lies.
Even if he thinks that because we are "separated" he can do what he wants, it's not okay. Not at all. Not respectful. Not something I can easily get past.
I can't even think about our marriage until he gets some sort of healing, which i don't know will ever happen.
Is there any reason why I should remain hopeful?