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I remember my husband saying "You can't tell. You can't tell!" The night he disclosed to me and I was saying "What the f*ck are you talking about!!?? I'm 35 years old, I'll talk about whatever the f*ck I want!!" .....we were NOT on the same page.

Oh my God, yes. The night my wife found out, once I'd overcome the shock enough to actually speak to her and babble out the basic outline of the story, I had the most... unprecedented icicle fear inside me and I grabbed her shoulders and repeated "You-can-never-tell-anybody, you-can-never-tell-anybody, you-can-never-tell-anybody!" like six or seven times. Not 100% sure where it came from but it's rather embarrassing. And probably led to some confusion / resentment on her part when I then told my parents and my online friends. I did let her tell her parents though.
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