Hi Larry, welcome to MaleSurvivor!
Good to see you here, I'm sorry that you are brought in such situation.
I don't know for therapists but I hope someone could recommend it.
Starting therapy is more than good start, you'll need some time to adjust to it.
For start here take a look what is offered and what suite you the best, take some time and slowly explore boards. Reading some stories could be overwhelming and triggering (it can bring some negative emotions and flash backs from past) so take care of yourself while you are doing it.
Here is something written for survivors who are starting healing journey:
It shows us how to start to look on our lives in constructive and affirmative way, something that is just opposite of numbing. Being member of this community helped me a lot, I've found new buddies with whom I can share my struggles without any hesitation.
Keep sharing with us!

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