I have found, for me, that this struggle can not be separated in to the spiritual and the "more relivent". I have also found a good deal of value in the struggle. That is the right to be where I am at today and the right to take my time to grow, learn and understand what it all means to me.

I think my last post, on page one, was a reaction to what felt like an unreasonable amount of pressure for TW16 to reconsider his "current" understanding and decision. I am not at odds anyone's opinion, only the lack of support for his choice. I think this is a difiacult decision and one he believes is best for him at this time. He may change his mind at some point, but I feel he deserves our support regardless of what he decides.

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Thanks for the feedback.

As I have thought about this situation, read your posts, and talked with my friend, I am getting the impression the my friend and I would rather keep,our religious standards and possibly go our own ways.


I think we must value the person and there process enught to let them come to there own conclusions. I don't think any of this has to do with homophobia. I do understand the pain caused by homophobia. I have delt with this pain on a deeply personally level over the years and I know ignorance and hate are behind it. May we never fall into such a trap ourselves.
Just because it's complicated doesn't mean we can't figure it out.