I have not considered that my brother could have a personality disorder.... other than possibly pedophillia. He seems 'normal' and has friends etc. On a side note I just realised that both his wives were little, blonde, flat chested, barely legal, 18 year old girls when they got married. I remember them having to wait until their birthdays to get married. Hmmm Makes you think doesn't it.

When he abused me everyone else was in the house. It would happen early on Sunday mornings - while everyone else had a sleep in. At first he would sneak into my room (we were at opposite ends of a hall). That started when I was 3. With the doors open we could see eachother in bed and he would show/teach me stuff from his end of the hall. Then he got me to sneak into his room where he orally raped me. All while my middle brother slept in the room between us (I hope he was sleeping) and my parents were at the other end of the house.

As for my parents I did tell them when I was 11. We were at the dinner table and there was a news report on the TV about a rapist being caught and my dad said 'The stupid F##king B#itch got what she deserved' (or something very much like that). I lost it and started crying, yelled something at him and ran to my room. I refused to talk to anyone but out pastor. He came the next day and made me tell my parents. I told them what happened and that I didn't want to cause trouble for my brother because he was about to marry wife #1. So my parents did nothing. Did not say a word to my brother, did not get me counselling and we never spoke of it again. My half brother had already been caught with his pants down trying to f#ck my other brother up the arse by my mother 6 years earlier. I am still mad at my parents for listening to an 11 year old and 'not causing trouble'. I have thought about confronting them now about the neglect for my wellbeing but I honestly don't know what the point of it would be.

More than meets the eye!