Thanks for posting Jay. As often happens, I'll go with bodyguard on this one...even from way over here at GMT-5.

He's uncomfortable obviously. Sounds as if you've done your best to address it. Sounds, too, like he has considerable issues and your very existence is a constant (unintentional) in-your-face reminder to him that he has those issues, whether he's aware of them or not.

He's given little, if any indication he's willing to work with you on it - in fact, going the completely opposite direction - and that's good information to have. Hell, yes, he's homophobic. And, given many societal attitudes, why would you want that also in your personal life?

I rarely run into your situation any more because I simply walk away from it. Nor do I feel I owe them an explanation. If they're mature enough to ask, sure, I'll tell them. But they almost never do anyway. People like that are a waste of time and energy for me.

imo, you can do MUCH better. How your stable of gay friends?

oh, btw, {{{{{{{{{{JayBro}}}}}}}}}}