It has been my experience that there is no one good book that encompasses everything. I pull pieces from a variety of sources to try to address my needs. His needs are covered very well by the books mentioned above. If your husband was unfaithful, a huge impediment to my ability to help my husband, you should try Cindy Beall's Healing your marriage when trust has been broken." Also Janis Spring "After the Affair" is good. For info on male CSA try SAM, by Spiegel (expensive and kind of difficult to read--it's a text book--but worth it). There is a book by Cecil someone called "When the Man you Love was abused." It's a great, easy to read primer about CSA, and it has a section for partners, but in no way shape or form does it address the accompanying behaviors that sometimes ride shotgun with male adult survivors. So no mention of porn, or infidelity, or alcohol abuse, or drug abuse, or rage. So the steps it gives for the wives/partners works only if you are a robot. If you have any kind of pain or hang up of your owns, you have to subjugate those to deal with his trauma. I'm not a therapist, but I can't help but feel that is a bad idea for any extended period of time. Allies in Healing was OK. I found this board to be a God-send, and I recently found a Christian board for women who have husbands with "sexual integrity" problems. Not explicitly CSA related but from reading the stories, whether they know it or not, there is a pretty good chance that more than a few of them are dealing with the fallout of some CSA based on the behavior they are describing. That website is I don't think I saw anyone mention the book Evicting the Perpetrator and if your partner has a porn addiction, Patrick Carnes, Shadow of the Net may help you to understand that a little better. I hope this helps.
Wife of a survivor