@Still - ....to top it off, I am a hospital Social Worker - have been for 14 years. These cases are not new to me, but to have it happen to my family is a blow I cannot describe. I know how to fight for these kids, but there are "issues" with me fighting for my nephew, I have to be careful of the boundaries I may cross.
I feel you anger as if it were my own, I have been that angry about other cases, but at least in those circumstances I can be their worst enemy until something happens.
Not only do we know their is evidence on the computer, we retrieved one of the pictures OURSELVES ...before the password got changed !!!!
So to date we have:
-Positve tox screen matching victims history in the forensic interview
-Witnesses to how my nephew was found on Dec.23rd...passed out in a locked bathroom with only a blanket wrapped around him while he was home alone with perp
-One picture off of the computer
-Text message logs (no content) but it does show that perp was texting my nephew all the time, during the school day etc

All of this, and he hasn't even been brought in for questioning. The detective did "kindly" let us know that he would get to it, unless there was a homicide or something that came up. My response, "Pretend this is a homicide, because it feels like a homicide to us".