I don't come here often, stirs up too much stuff. But today something else stirred up things and I don't know what I should feel about this:


I read the article and it's like, I should be mad at the boy and feel bad for the girl, but yet I'm like not feeling anything for the girl at all, and feel really bad for the boy.

I feel like... why is no one asking if this boy was being hurt by someone else? Like that boy years ago who killed that toddler and it was only after he was in prison for years that anyone bothered to ask and it came out that he was about abused.

I'm not saying that makes it ok or anything, but I guess I just always need to know the cause or the reason, and I know from reading somewhere that kids who do stuff like this don't usually do it when they're older.

maybe someone can help me figure it out. there are others reasons I think it hurts too. I don't know.