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I didn't want to connect your post with that thread on purposely as I've seen that talks there went a little bit "wild" and I knew why you opened this discussion when I've seen it.

I don't think that offensive language is some slippery slope. OK it is not just language, it is more than that. I like how is written in site's guidlines:

"First and foremost, adults (age 18 and up) who use the MS website must realize that this is a place that wishes to promote healing and not chaos. It is not a substitute for therapy and should not be used as a place to vent unprocessed emotions without regard to the effect doing so would have on others. It is a place where questions can be asked and stories shared for the benefit of all rather than reactions that serve to confuse, scare and rob the site of its safety."

Every one of us is sometimes fragile and could be felt offended even without particular reason. But you see flowing emotions in high energetic fashion that could attract additional responses and bring discussion into chaos is something that we all should try to avoid here. Whatever is cause such talks/writings can't be justified if there is slightest risk for disturbing survivors and their inner peace.
And if we could learn to step back and take those negative emotions out of field in try to protect others and self when we are triggered, nervous, fragile, angry and so on than we gained a lot within our healing journey. It is not easy task no matter how simple could sound.
So yes I completely agree what you are saying in your 4th point and we are on same sides. Unfortunately many times triggered persons that can't control their negative emotions need to be stopped if he/she can't "change channel" as you've said. So call it censure or not, that is something that is needed to be done in try to preserve this place as safe environment for all of us.
Keep sharing!

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