Pero there are several good issues you bring up.

1st the use of offensive language it’s a slippery slope; first MS bans the use of offensive “homophobic” language, next because I’m I devout atheist lets ban any use of any religious symbolism; its offensive to me after all, what’s next ?

2nd let me clarify what I mean by offensive:
Yes not just the tittle: “I wish I was sexually abused” but the posters content was offensive, as pointed out by Eric and Gary.

3rd Obscenity is typified by directed personal attacks, call someone a “f@@@” or “n@@@” or whatever that’s obscene and has no place in general discourse, let alone here, it’s also not what happened; no one made disparaging homophobic remarks towards anyone, did they?

4th the continued hijack of an offensive post to promote an agenda that’s only purpose seems to be to berate a member for the use of language that they found offensive. Everyone can be offended by something, when is it going to stop, how can you have open and honest dialog when certain speech is not allowed because someone is offended? It’s called being an adult, it’s called changing the channel, it called not reading the bible, offense is in the eye of the beholder it’s a “you problem” not the problem of MS or society as a hole. If your offended that’s your problem not mine, not MS’s, not society as a hole, if your offended do something about it, protest, give money, vote, don’t try and stifle someone’s voice because of content that offends, if you start censoring, when is going to stop, who’s going to be the offensive police, who’s going to decide what is allowed speech? When there’s nothing left to talk about but the weather don’t blame me!

"it has never yet been discovered how to make man unknow his knowledge, or unthink his thoughts"

T. Paine