Hi Sam and all,
I come here to show my struggle and be honest and open with you guys. I didn't feel well lately and I did it again, I skip in world of porn.
I've been included into some happenings which brought a lot of anxiety and problems with my sleep lately. And when some uncertainties are grooving and when situation is helpless that is triggering my anxiety and I guess similar negative feelings.
I hate myself as I can't change my coping mechanism and as I'm hyper-sexual, like such solution can bring anything.
I find difficult to rewire my brain no matter how hardly I'm trying. I just couldn't resist challenge and it made me sad.

Additionally I don't know how to prevent similar happenings in future and that is the main reason why I'm here, yes I'm fragile and I don't know how to deal with this issue.
Above all it is difficult for me sometimes to ask for help, it is difficult to be aware that I'm in trouble as I wrote here in this post but I decided to reach out and to share my struggles with you. I'm more than grateful that we have such opportunity offered here.

Sam you asked me recently if you could do something for me?
Well you did it already by opening this thread. Thank you for being so supportive to all of us here.

Here is my hug for all of you guys here (((( MS )))) as I need one too badly wink

Pero (Igor)
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