...again, am new here. I have been reading and acknowledging that where you guys are, I too, am there...only I just stepped onto the road to begin the walk to wherever it leads. It hurts like... how about like really BAD. Each day. At least for a part of the day. The therapist calls it rape, the literature calls it sexual assault, the law here calls it sodomy- such an ugly, sinful word- and I hardly believe it. I know my fear is real. My tears are real. I know it happened. I now keep a soft ball bat beside my front door and my bed! And why I just don't know. It didn't happen in my home. I have been left feeling so vulnerable. Is this a part of the gift left for guys of ASA? I don't know. Sometimes I think I am a character in one of Poe's stories who is going mad... and yet, I am still functional. Man, it wears me out. The therapist shan't be bored tomorrow!
For now we see through a glass, darkly.