I am sorry to hear that you were once again violated. The act is horrific. Any violent act can be a catalyst to start us down a terrible path. I was raped as a child and as an adult--in my late 40's/early 50's- experienced being violated--from being spat on, locked in a room with no escape and it made me feel like the child in the cellar and set me off. To this day I can still feel the spit running down my face, seeing them laughing at me, tying the door shut and it takes me back to the time as a child, a time I longed to forget. It raised the memories I so longed buried.

I am sorry for you to have to experience rape at this time of your life--it has to be devastating because it must raise so many memories and to feel so violated by an act so reminiscent of what happened to you as a child . I am glad you are in therapy and I wish you well. Stay here-people listen--share what you are comfortable, read about others. Please stay well.