I m sorry.. I wish i could go MAYHEM on my mom 's psyche!
She hates ..here mom ,dad? .. i could only imagine what
she went thru. Thru some of what my dad said to me.
She went thru too much! And i am guessing alot of abandonment!

My dad ..encourages my mom to eat. She put on 20lbs ( 12kg-
i dont know the conversion ).
And now she eats terribly. I feel aweful. I know it must
have to do with early stuff. Maybe i felt aweful for not being
there for her.
Alot of these people like my folks never had proper parenting.
I hate it when i am responded with shock ,when i share with
people that i will never have kids.
I feel as if i never experienced puberty;okay onward----
i have to make some changes in my life.
love you all

p.s sorry i dont put time in reading/ helping....
i caNNoT help others. My tears are there so maybe others dont
have to try to listen to me ;i hate myself,sometimes