To hap

My mother was a narcissist, she trained me to be her narcissistic supply. However, the development of the SuperEgo (also referred to as the monitor)requires the experience of failure to bring about the collapse of th narcist supply. I did not fail.

I definately became involved in the performance of her "divinity." Her pereformance of tasks were not within the common variety, but gave her many opportunities to organize her workhalism as demonstrations of her omnipotence in the outside world.

However, since my father beat her ( and dominated the household) with violence and threat of violence. She had a perfect source of her reinforcement of the punishment she deserved for having told her father to go ahead and kill himself, the day when he hung himself.

She was physically disciplined by the governesses and her mother while being abandoned by her mother and father in her youth.

Her source of love and support came from her grandparents, but her grandmother died of cancer when she was 9.

I can go into details of how her narcisism manifested and how my service as her supply demonstrated.

If you want details PM me.

Simply: Yes