Hey Firedog, I'm sorry to hear that you could become homeless soon frown
Is there any solution for that problem, can you find some temporary place to stay?

We all are dealing for long time with our issues before it becomes apparent that we have to step in and take some action, that is the reason why many men here are in late thirties, forties, fifties or even older.
I came just last year here and I don't consider myself like experienced in therapy and healing matters, I would rather say that I'm still at begining.
And to tell you more I've never been active in some other cyber space nor forums/chat rooms. This is my first such experience and I found many buddies here and a lot of additional support.

Please be aware that there are healing circle moderated group chat sessions offered to us here, it could be very useful, it is like real groups session, it is interactive and maybe you'd like it more than posting on public boards, here are the links:
There was some pause in past and I'm not sure is all back in normal schedule like used to be...

Related to reading and sharing, I must say that some of books written by experts for victims of sexual abuse are nothing like some novels, but rather some heavy stuff with a lot of things to think about and even some homework to do, it could be exhausting experience.
You can borrow books form library that is offered at 1 in 6 organization on line, here is the link with even some good books recommended for us survivors:

I don't know if something of this would be helpful for you and if it stand for taking some action, I hope it would.
Be well!

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