Hey Daniel,
I know how hard it is. I've got buddy who was in similar position with you and no matter how hardly he tried he just couldn't talk.
But because of some reasons he started to write me mails and here and there he told me what was happening with him since early age.
With time he put off all his fears and we talked a lot.
He even succeeded in talking to T guy although he couldn't be so open. Same was with writing, he just couldn't write some difficult stuff to T guy.
My advice for you is to not push yourself at all, if you can please try to talk about usual things, what you like or not and with some time and some luck you'll be able to feel more secure and to start talking.
It could be good maybe to talk with some of buddies from here if you are feel safe and to exchange couple of messages and see if it will go.
I did like that when I felt need to share some my problems that are not let say for everyone's ears. And after I talked with one buddy I felt huge relief and like some pain went off my back,but again I needed some time and we exchanged many messages before I disclosed my stuff.
Just keep trying!

My story