Call me behind the times, but I only just started paying attention to this stuff recently. I just today learned that this past summer the Justice Dept and FBI officially rewrote the legal / criminal definition of rape to include forced oral sex.

So I guess it's official and not what I guess I had thought was a figure of speech, a way of communicating the damage / pain / fear to others with the only word I thought would serve. No, now in the eyes of the law I was raped, officially, black ink. I am a rape victim and/or survivor.

Sort of dizzied by this, don't know why, it's not like anything physical had changed. It's more a sense of being... tagged and bagged, I guess. Ever since late December, when I renormalized enough to get off the sleeping pills, I've been feeling much more like myself - which has upsides and downsides, and in this case the latter is the more I stabilize, the more each shock... well, shocks me.

I never said "rape" to my parents, I said "sexual assault" though I did call the perp a rapist. I said "rape" to some of my online friends and to my wife. But there's more... echo... behind the word now that the entire legal system says so too.

Am probably overthinking this, but, well, it does help to get stuff emotionally organized.

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