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It's really important to look at what your wife's feelings, needs and expectations are around all this. There is a role for you in supporting her too. Have you had that conversation?

I thought we had - it was my last post in the "Telling my parents - NOW!" thread. But I'm willing to try again...

My other question is, was she ever an empathetic and compassionate person? Is her hostility something new, or was there always a judgemental and dismissive streak to her? I believe a leopard can change its spots, but only if it wants to.

She used to be an angel - empathic, compassionate, happy. Everything about her changed when she stopped breastfeeding our first, in winter 2010. She stabilized at a "new normal", with more anger overall, and I tried to adjust. Then in 2012 she had a horrible deathly-ill pregnancy and we bought a house and moved - and that combination worsened matters. She severely needs to go back on medication but obviously can't while breastfeeding again - she has spoken to me angrily at least 6 times that I am so LUCKY (!) to be on klonopin among others.

As for sending her here, I don't know. I honestly do like the idea of it but - she begged me to let her tell her parents and I allowed it. But now she says it hasn't changed anything, so what was the point? Now my annoying in-laws know and apparently to no benefit. She still feels "ostracized and alone" and wants to tell her girlfriends. Particularly the wife of my best closest guy friend. Um, no.

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