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Hello firedog and welcome to MaleSurvivor.

Talk therapy is successfully productive in healing the trauma of the abuse. PTSD and cPTSD may be the result of our subconscious thoughts being fiercely controlled by our conscious, a situation that we are not prepared to sustain.

Recovery is not going to be directed fellow survivor. It will work it's way out as you calm yourself, learn healing techniques like breathing and visualization exercises and get the consistent support and training you need to feel confident in your ability to nurture and mature those damaged parts of your feelings and thoughts. While there is no time line per se, expect to be intensely occupied with recovery for the next 18 months, then however more you wish to seek a victorious life beyond that time.

I encourage you to understand recovery as a marathon, not a horse race. It is a process that involves determination, and you have all you need, along with allowing yourself to feel the fear and hurt of the abuse in a safe, supporting community. Chat is not enough I agree, but it is a large part of the process. You may feel like you are desperately clinging to a board in the ocean and those who could save you are hovering just out of reach. You desperately reach for them, but it may seem like they keep themselves away. It may feel like that fellow survivor, but in reality, the hyper vigilance you may feel is not immediate, but your mind is making you aware of that which was too difficult to process then. Be safe, find a calm way to slow down and prepare. The journey becomes more satisfying through the struggle.

Feel free to keep posting your every thought, PM me as you feel you need to, my best to you.

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