I don't know how hard this would be to implement but it would be nice if the Who's Online list could be excluded from being used by Google.

I am looking for a post I made and the MS search tool didn't help me so I went on Google and added my screen name along with another search term. And Google was kind enough to give me the pages that it found both in. Unfortunately most of the pages/threads I never posted to. Google saw my name in the Who's Online box and therefore was part of that page.

So after writing the above I did some searching and found that you can easily have pages excluded but I have not found how you can easily exclude content on the page.(in text form) One possibility is to have a page with the content you want indexed and another with all information but with a robot exclusion. Not a great option. But I'm not a web developer and have had limited experience in web page design.

I know I can prevent this in the future by having my name not included in the Who's Online box but I actually want it to be displayed there for others here to see.