Hello, anyone. I just found this website (finally) after years of pain, anguish, anxiety, which still weigh me down. There's alot of information to absorb on this site, and alot of reading! So I hope to skip a little of that and come right here for suggestions on how I start to recover. Im 37, and my abuse happenned 25 years ago. I am only now searching for help. I don't know how i never found this site, before. For a few years I've been googling male victim, etc. to find nothing except an ASCA support group, which i now attend occaissionally. I am from CT, anybody know what to do from here? Also, i have never belonged to a chat room or whatever, so i'm also new to this! Thanx
p.s. no one tell me "to pray" please.

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I Need Help!!