Breaking news, gentlemen:

Shit is starting to go down, apparently. From the (UK) Mirror:

Child abuse cops seize VIP list: Politicians, MI5 agent, Royal aide and pop stars all named

Among the names are two former Conservative Cabinet ministers and four other senior Tories. There is also a Labour MP, a prominent Irish republican and a leading National Front member.

Others on the handwritten note are two members of the royal household – one a former Buckingham Palace employee – plus the owner of a multinational company and two pop stars.


The first people to be arrested are not expected to be famous.

But sources close to the investigation are increasingly confident some big names will be caught in the police net.

Renowned figures linked to the scandal so far include the former Liberal MP Cyril Smith and the one-time Keeper of the Queen’s Pictures Anthony Blunt, who was disgraced as a traitor and spy.


The MP said: “I believe a great injustice was done in the 1980s. To stop something like this happening again I am asking victims to summon the courage to come forward now.

“Whatever has happened in the past your voices will be heard now.

“You can contact the police. Or if you feel more comfortable you can contact me directly,” [said MP Tom Watson].

I'll be just fine and dandy
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I'm barely getting through tomorrow
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