Maybe I'm truly antisocial. I'm tired of the immature brats that I'm forced to be around. I'm sick of my roommate and his underage friends going out and getting drunk and stumbling through the door at night. I'm sick of my roommate and his stupid Gundam figurines and how he seems to find a new person everyday who's also into building them so on any given day our room is invaded by one or more people talking about those fucking things or playing video games until ten or eleven at night.

I went out in town today by myself (like I usually do on the weekends) and had an awesome time. I visited this massive park that has a zoo and a bunch of museums and shrines, I spent a good five hours there and still didn't get through all of it. I enjoyed myself but all the while I couldn't help but feel alone. Why can't I find someone like me? Sometimes I hate myself so if I found someone like me would I hate them too? Fuck my life.
Yet another 24 hours.