A few years ago I had a flashback about something that happened to me in my childhood. Since then I have been bothered by it and have wondered when and how to address it with my family if at all.

When I was fifteen years old, I was told that I had been severely abused sexually and physically as a child. I learned this in court. I told the judge that I was being molested, and it went on from the time I was about ten or eleven until I was fourteen or fifteen. The judge then asked me if there were any other incidences. I told him "no." My mom then told the judge that I had been abused as a childw. The judge said I was committing purgery for denying the earlier abuse, but I swore that it never happened, and if it did, then I had no memory of it.

When I got home I asked my grandparents if it was true, and they confirmed it was true. I was told I had been molested by a 13-year old male babysitter when I was two years old. Then when I was seven I was sexually abused twice by an older boy, (which I have always remembered most of, but didn't see it as abuse). And then when I was about ten years old, some other boys took me someplace and molested me, after which they left me there. I was told I went to a neighbor's house and called my grandma..

A few years ago I went for a walk, and when I walked around a certain corner of one of my elementary schools, I had a sudden flashback of a time I got beaten up there, and then later in the flashback I was inside the school and was hit in the head with a baseball bat. This flashback has bothered me, and I have wondered if I ought to ask,my parents about it.