Hello All,

I am a 61 year old man at last facing the realities of my childhood abuse and its effect on my life and those around me. I am recently in therapy finally dealing with my issues but am happy to have found the site here where a brief scan tells me i may be in the right place.

The site seems vast and so far I have found it to be safe, welcoming and enlightening. I need to understand my feelings and behaviour and to see how my childhood difficulties have affected them negatively, and to find the person I could have been had i been given fair chance. But I want to see the positive side too, considering that I have been given the strength to survive this far.

I am interested in workshops/meeting men but that's difficult as I am in western Europe. Perhaps there are people here from UK or Ireland ?

I look forwrd to chatting with you and hope for some good dialogue,

Warm wishes
John B

To my brothers here, and to remind me:
I am NOT alone.
I was NOT responsible