this is a boundary NO ONE has the right to cross.

This quote from your post sums it ALL up!

This is a horrid situation! Just fkg Horrid!

There is no undoing it now, but I hope you can all calm-down about it. If she's a Christian, she has NO business judging you harshly and then penalizing you.

I keep saying this to "Christians" over and over again: No where in the Bible's New Testament does it tell us to enforce God's laws or laws you think you are deriving from the text. NEVER are Christians called upon to condemn and penalize and judge-harshly ANYONE for ANYTHING....ever!!!

To do so is mocking the reason Jesus died for us. ALL sins can and will be forgiven, no matter what, upon our acceptance of Him. NO sin is greater or lesser than any other. So if she is to hang signs around sinners necks, let her begin with herself.

I defy her to show me ONE line of scripture of the New Covenant with God that tells her to do this to you or anyone else.

Rather: She ought to be seeking to be a mother...to help you and not torture you. Family ought to be a shelter, not a hostile adversary...and that goes for you too smile

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