Hey Life, please try to calm yourself. I'm sorry to hear for such outcome frown
You know any further discussion could just bring some additional troubles, they are not at all people who should stick their noses in your businesses/intimacy, but somehow it seems like they already are doing that.
Can you talk with your T about all this?

Beside all this trouble, considering and working on stopping compulsive acting out and trying to be more supportive and less destructive to self must be highest priority for every survivor.

Please be wise and look for some help. Maybe your parents also could provide some additional support if they know more about compulsive sexual behavior?
Definitely they couldn't be competent to discuss your problems with acting out with such high emotional and I would say negative input, it could be beyond their knowledge.
Also it could be that you need professional help related to acting out, why don't you try to transfer such information to them when some emotions would settle?
Just my two cents.
Hang on!

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