In my past relationship I had the suspicion that my ex bf had been sexually abused. To summarize the events that followed he admitted to me that he was in fact sexually abused by the very person I suspected abused him.

My ex bf feels immense guilt over this incident and feels like it is his fault.
I have reassured him it wasn't and to not ever think that it was.

I am the only person he has told the truth about this to. I have brought up the subject once since he told me about these events and he has been adamant that I not ever bring up the topic again. He gets angry ect. and understandably so.

My question for everyone here is this: Do I respect his wishes and let the subject go or do I try and encourage him to face these issues?
I have offered him an ear. I have told him I will stand by him. I have told him I have resources (such as MS) for him to read. But outside of this I don't know what else do to or what else I can/should do.
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