H says I am crazy and need help. I decided to walk out on him after driving us out of our home due to his bad financial habits. I am staying on my own with our child. He had expected that as usual I will come through for him and get us a roof over our heads. I told him to get his act together and get us a place called home and start to be responsible then he can come for me, after the bank evicted us for bad debt on our home.

When all didnt go well he called his long distant family in one of the slums and asked if we could stay there. Well I couldnt stoop that low and compromise my standards, I refused to go. Not after so much effort to get him see the point of sharing and spending money wisely on us. I couldnt go and pretend to be a happy wife to people who once said I am tearing my marriage apart when I called them to sit him down re the way he chowed our business I helped build. This when I had been protesting at how he spent money and ignoring me and our child. Now we are destitute and supposed to laugh about it. When I said our homelesnes should teach him a lesson about lack of co-operation he said I am accusing him while I am the one to blame for the mess we are in. Really now untill he sees his role in all this there is nothing I or anyone can do.

In his eyes I am mad and need help. Today he is fetching me to see a doctor. I wonder what will he say is my problem...
If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.