Has trouble remembering or possibly listening. "I was abused by my brother when I was Thirteen and he was 16 almost 17"..few minutes later "So at what age were you abused?" and there are several other times as well.

Asked "Does your brother (abuser) identify as gay?" First what does if my brother identifies as gay have to do with the preverbial price of tea in china (aka anything). Also that was one of the other things he forgot, I told him that my mother invites him and his wife and kids over.

NO NO NO NO!!!! If there's a big red flag in this world, its sitting over his head!

All aspects in the shaded quote box says "STAY THE FARG AWAY."

But that's just me.

Im sorry, it says in very clear terms that he subscribes to the old and classic myths from hell, and he's fully ignorant about CSA.


Buy him a Mike Lew book. Drop it and run the heck outta there....OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! run

Naaah....fk the book.....just stay away! omg omg omg

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